Always Lead With POP! (ALWP)



Power Of Positive Leadership


Everyone, whether in their professional life or family life is a leader.  As a leader, are you ready to take the POP Challenge?  Power Of Positive Leadership challenges you to focus on your personal attitude, focus, and the importance of growing yourself so that you can grow others to strengthen your team and grow a positive atmosphere.  You can be the one to change the world of those you lead.

Scott Benning developed POP Leadership during his journey of learning and leading in the United States Navy.  He started out as one of the most junior enlisted Sailors and retired at the end of his thirty-year career as one of the top enlisted Sailors in the entire United States Navy.  Scott has presented POP Leadership to many types of leaders and organizations.  Feedback has been that efficiencies and effectiveness have been gained as leaders develop trust and empower their employees.  As the teams adopt the POP challenge a waterfall effect occurs throughout the team and the full potential of all participating is realized.

You will learn how Scott developed and worked to develop others through Power Of Positive Leadership principles and concepts with actual stories of inspiring and empowering leadership.  POP Leadership is a way of life.  Once you read this book and take the time to adequately reflect on your own leadership development through his POP points and Reflection Questions you will gain a new appreciation and motivation to continue to grow your leadership skills.

Are you the One!  You can change the world.  Most importantly, as you lead with the Power Of Positive Leadership, you can change someone's world.


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